Soquilichi Rescue Ranch


Location: Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Year: 2023

About Soquilichi Rescue Ranch

Soquilichi Rescue Ranch (SRR) is dedicated to saving lives. Their unwavering mission is to provide a lifeline to animals on deathrow. Currently, they face a significant influx of unwanted adult cats, kittens, and pregnant felines. It’s heartbreaking to see as many as 60 of them waiting for a chance at life. But they never give up.

SRR remains an active and relentless force in the rescue community, working tirelessly around the clock. They are committed to finding ways to provide these innocent souls with the loving lives they deserve. Their dedication knows no bounds.

What We Did

Soquilichi Rescue Ranch was running a very basic WIX website and lacked the elements of a Donation Driven Website.

We turned the website into a Donation Driven Website by,

  • revamping the site structure making it easy to navigate for the visitor
  • re-designed the whole site, making the homepage more dynamic displaying latest posts
  • integrated the FundraiseUp Donation Engine to the site to increase online donations

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