Are you ready to DOUBLE your online donations?

We help Animal Sanctuaries, Shelters and Rescues add Fundraise Up's powerful fundraising tools to enhance your online donor experience and watch the donations roll in!

  • No New Landing Pages

  • No Website Redesign

  • No Tech Skills Required

Are you ready to DOUBLE your online donations?


What does your online donation process feel like? ????

Are you asking for too many fields and losing donors?

Are you missing out on recurring donations because you don't have an automated process to convert single donations?


Fundraise Up individualizes the donation experience using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize suggested donation amounts, intelligently converts one-time donors to recurring supporters, and 92% of donors cover all processing costs, including the cost to use Fundraise Up.

And yes, you read that right...92% of donors cover ALL the processing costs, so there's NO fee to use Fundraise Up.

No monthly or annual fees. No contract.


Donation Booster Calculator

Use our calculator below to see how much revenue you could save by switching to Fundraise Up. In our experience up to 96% of donors will cover the fees of their donation.

Ready to increase your donations for the animals?

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Know Trying A New Service Can Be Scary. That’s Why We Offer A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If You’re Not Happy With Our Work We’ll Gladly Refund You Every Cent!

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