Double Your Animal Sanctuary Donations with Fundraise Up

Would you like to potentially double your animal sanctuary’s donations?

Well, Fundraise Up can help you do just that.

What is Fundraise Up?

Developed in 2018, Fundraise Up is an online fundraising platform which was born out of frustration trying to make an online donation. 

We at Sanctuary Websites have partnered with Fundraise Up as it is currently THE best platform to boost donations today.

How does Fundraise Up work?

“Fundraise Up uses machine learning, human-centered design—and magic to double your revenue.”

Simply put, Fundraise Up uses both AI technology and human creativity to craft an amazing fundraising experience for your supporters.

In fact, Fundraise Up says that their service generates an average increase in revenue of 100% ( x 2) with the same fundraising efforts otherwise – which is a huge boost for any non-profit.

How does Fundraise Up Help Animal Sanctuaries?


Completely customizable, elements are the “building blocks” for your fundraising page. Buttons, reminders, and images are just some of the many  elements available for you to use on your website. 

With elements, every page can be a donate page!


Fundraise Up allows you to add an embeddable form directly to your fundraising page. This allows supporters to donate much easier without having to leave your site and go to a separate payment gateway.

The checkout process is absolutely frictionless. There’s no long forms with dozens of fields to fill in.

Payment Options

From credit cards and Apple Pay to PayPal and bank transfers, Fundraise Up has many payment options for your donors to choose from. They also accept all of the world’s currencies, so the whole process is hassle-free for supporters from anywhere on the globe.


Fundraise Up gives you control over the branding of your fundraising campaigns. Custom colours and an integrated app that’s placed into your site help make your campaign feel unique and on-brand with your sanctuary.

Recurring Giving

Give supporters the option to make regular, ongoing contributions to your sanctuary. This is an excellent way to easily boost donations on a long-term basis. You can even convert one time donors to monthly with an optional step and increase your monthly donations up to 10%.

Additionally, you can create Donate buttons for your Animal Sponsorship as either a once-off amount, or recurring.

As we know, building up those recurring donations can really help with providing peace of mind for unexpected vet bills, or other emergencies.

Machine Learning

Fundraise Up even uses AI to suggest targeted donation amounts that are appropriate for each donor who visits your website.

The AI is able to determine, based on your location, device, and browser the optimum amounts to display based on previous data. Ask for too little, and you’ll miss out on donations, ask for too much and you’ll miss out on donations too!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

With Fundraise Up, your supporters can create their own peer-to-peer fundraisers and raise money for your sanctuary without you having to lift a finger!

Company Matching

Fundraise Up has a special feature that allows donors to easily select their company for matching donations, which can easily boost revenue and help your sanctuary grow. 

Donor Covers Fee

Donors who use Fundraise Up tend to pay the fee 92% of the time, which saves your animal sanctuary money!

This is data from a real Animal Sanctuary, where 93% of donors covered the fee and 59% used the suggested amount. You will also notice that more donors are donating on mobiles.

Donor Portal

Give your supporters a secure place to manage their donations to your cause. Tax receipts, payment methods, and more can be managed in the donor portal.

The donor portal makes your sanctuary’s website experience feel like a full-fledged fundraising application while also simplifying the donation process for supporters.

Automated Emails

Fundraise Up gives you the ability to send personalised emails automatically to donors, keeping them up to date with the progress of your fundraising efforts.

Donation Repair

Reducing donation problems is a key goal of Fundraise Up. The platform enables donors to easily fix any mistake they made with their donation, meaning you’ll never have to turn away a donor due to an issue.

More donations equals more money for your animal sanctuary!

Corporate Sponsorship

Integrate your donation campaign into corporate donor websites and see your revenues skyrocket. With sponsored branding and no need for a developer, corporate sponsorship is easy to set up and maintain.

Recurring Donor Migrations

Lastly, you can smoothly migrate recurring donors to Fundraise Up’s payment gateway. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing donors due to switching payment methods. Your supporters can continue to donate to your sanctuary without interruption!


One of the features we like the most about Fundraise Up is the powerful dashboard available.

Information such as when your donors are most active can really inform when to send your email campaigns, and social posts. Learning more about your donors’ habits will help you keep them engaged and improve your sanctuary’s marketing strategies.

Overall, Fundraise Up is a powerful fundraising platform that will help your animal sanctuary raise more money for your cause.

Who uses Fundraise Up?

From small animal rescues to established research foundations, Fundraise Up has helped thousands of organisations raise money for their cause.

Some of the biggest non-profit names using Fundraise Up include:

  • Stand Up to Cancer
  • Rainforest Trust
  • and many more!

Are you ready to get started with Fundraise Up?

Book a call with us and we’ll help get your fundraising campaign up and running in no time!


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Ready to increase your donations for the animals?

Download our FREE eBook packed with tips on how to boost donations

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