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35 Ideas To Boost Online Donations for Your Rescue

  1. Focus on boosting recurring donations, rather than once off donations
  2. Provide credibility to gain donors’ trust
  3. Offer more than one way to donate (phone, mail, chuffed.org) to give donors more choice
  4. Match the content on the page the visitor is on, through to the Donate form
  5. Place your donate button in a sticky header, so it’s always visible
  6. Include real (non stock) images on the donation page, to build trust
  7. Present real data to the donor, so they relate what impact they’ll have
  8. Focus on capturing email sign ups to build a relationship for visitors not ready to donate
  9. Ensure the donation form is mobile friendly
  10. Speed up your website donation page to avoid donor frustration
  11. Test different donation amounts to see what the optimum amounts are
  12. Use different copy on the donation page and see which works best
  13. Ensure your website looks professional and trustworthy
  14. Present answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  15. Open your donation form in a popup to avoid new browser tabs
  16. Show your donation forms in multiple formats (forms, buttons, sliders)
  17. Display a Goal Meter to encourage donations
  18. Display an exit popup to capture donations
  19. Consider an entry popup to ask for donations
  20. Avoid unnecessary clutter on the donation page
  21. Use an impact slider to show the impact of what different amounts will do
  22. Test different colours and text for donate buttons
  23. Use urgency to increase donations
  24. Showcase the most recent donations to encourage others to donate
  25. Show donation reminders if the visitor abandons the donation form
  26. Reduce the number of fields on the donation form
  27. Add donation or sponsor buttons on each animal profile
  28. Utilise email campaigns to bring donors back to the website
  29. Display a list of the top donors to nudge others to donate
  30. Display Social Proof of other donors to encourage others to donate
  31. Launch a Peer2Peer campaign so others are helping raise funds online
  32. Minimise the steps of your donation form
  33. Ask for the address and other details at the end of the donation
  34. Offer donors the option to dedicate their gift to a loved one
  35. Encourage social sharing after the donation to spread the love

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